2020 Ram Sale

Annual Ram Sale - 23rd Sept  

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New Stud Sire Purchased 

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Welcome to Curlew Valley Suffolks

Curlew Valley Suffolks is located near Manoora in the lower mid north of South Australia.  The stud was founded in September 2002 with 5 stud ewes from Updown Park and 2 stud ewes and a ram from Letts.  The stud is now made up of 140 pedigree and performance recorded ewes.  For information on leading sires, please refer to the sires page.

Approx 70 stud and flock rams are offered for sale each year. While the main draft of rams are sold through the annual Mt Pleasent Ram Sale at Mt Pleasent in late September, rams are available for private selection AFTER the sale date.  A draft of elite ewe hoggets are also offered in the sale, with hoggets and older ewes available for purchase after the sale date.  Please refer to the sheep sales page for more information and check the website regularly for updated information on stock sales and shows.

Curlew Valley Suffolks has been a member of Lambplan since 2008 with performance figures available on all stock.  We have been testing for OJD since 2004 and have a status of MN1-V with 8 points.  We are also Brucellosis accredited free.

You can contact Rachel Chirgwin directly on 0428 600 265 or email her at


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 National Johne's Program & Brucellosis Accredited