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Demand increasing

I've been getting increasing enquiry for lupins lately. Rather then waiting till harvest is under way, why not book in early to secure your lupins? 


Boosting Sheep Performance

With such a great spring we will have tonnes of feed (energy) available, but do you have enough protein to aid digestion?

Supplying Lupins year round   

  • Located just on the northen side of the Manoora Township
  • Easy access for B-doubles straight off the Barrier Highway
  • Accredited weighbridge onsite so loads can be easily weighed
  • In and out load speed of approx 2 tonne a minute 
  • Short term harvest storage may be available

For all enquires, please contact Rachel

                                             5 X 70 tonne silos with in and outloaders


                                               Unloading lupins at 2 tonne a minute


                                                 Accredited weighbridge available


                                       Stunning view across 40 acres of oats and vetch