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2018 - Lot 15 - Tag 7019. Show ram. EMD +1.1


          2013 - 10 months old show rams


     2012 - Annual Sale on Kangaroo Island 


     2011 - Annual Sale on Kangaroo Island


                         2009 - Show Ram

Ram & Ewe Sales

We sell approx 80 rams each year both through an annual sale and privately.  (Private selections only occur after the annual sale).  

A draft of elite ewe hoggets are available at the annual sale or by private selection after the sale.

Curlew Valley Suffolks owns the Mt Pleasant Suffolk Sale in partnership with Belmont Studs.   Curlew Valley sell approximately 45 rams each year in this sale, and an elite draft of stud ewes, which can be a mix of mostly ewe hoggets and some older ewes.  Please check out the 'Mt Pleasant Suffolk Sale' for more information.

Stud Rams may be avalable throughout the year, being offered while exhibiting at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, Hamilton Sheepvention or the Royal Adelaide Show.


Please contact me by email or phone 0428 600 265 for enquires.



            2020 Sale Rams exhibiting powerful hindquaters


        A selection of the 2020 Sale Ewes to be sold in Auction           


2019 Mt Pleasant Suffolk Sale Report

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2018 Ram Sales

Curlew Valley is please to be offering 28 suffolk rams and 10 elite ewes in the Mt Pleasant Suffolk Sale.

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Full catalogue available soon


2017 Ram Sales

Curlew Valley is pleased to be offering 55 suffolk rams in the Mt Pleasant Suffolk Sale.  9 young ewes will also be offered.  

View the 2017 sale catelogue here


2016 Ram Sales

This year 55 suffolk rams will be offered at the Mt Pleasant Suffolk Sale.  The catalogue will be available online after Sept 20th.  3 elite ewes will also be offered.  Approximately 25 rams will be available for private selection after the sale.

view the 2016 Sale Catalogue here


2015 Ram Sales

4 stud rams and 50 performance recorded flock rams will be offered this year in the Mt Pleasant Suffolk Sale on Wednesday 23rd September 2015.  Another cracking line up on rams with EMD up to +1.1, and some great  carcasse data.  We are also pleased to be offering 6 elite stud ewes.

Pre Sale Flyer

Please check out the sale catalogue


2014 Ram Sales 

2 stud rams and 40 performance flock rams will be offered at the Mount Pleasant Suffolk Sale on Wednesday 24th September.   The line up this year is exceptional with some outstanding EBVs.  With Pwwt weights up to 12.3, Pemd up to .9 and Carcase + up to 170,  we are confident that you will find the ram to put growth and muscle into you lambs.  Please view the sale catalogue.


2013 Ram Sale

We will be offering 8 stud rams, 70 performance recorded flock rams and 20 stud ewes at the Mount Pleasant Suffolk Sale on the 25th of September.  Please check back here for more information as the sale date gets closer.  Full pedigrees are availalable on all stud stock and most flock rams. 

Pre Sale Flyer

Sale catelogue coming soon


            2013 - Adelaide Show Ewes (will be offered in annual sale) 


                          8 stud rams to be offered in our Annual Sale


2012 Ram Sale

2012 Ram Sale

Sale Catalogue Part 1 - cover pages
Sale Catalogue Part 2 - ram details
Sale Catalogue Part 3 - health accreditaion

Sale Flyer

2011 Ram Sale

Ram sale report