Flock History

The stud was founded on the 27th Sepember 2002 with the purchase of 5 stud ewes from Updown Park and 2 stud ewes and a stud ram from Letts.  Over the next 3 years many more ewes where purchased from Updown Park.  In 2006, Stratford Lachlan Lad was purchased from Statford Suffolk Stud for $6000, along with 20 stud ewe hoggets.  As Champion Suffolk Ram at the 2006 Royal Adelaide Show, he was 1 of only 2 rams to receive 100 / 100 in his objective measurement in the classes 14 year history.  Lachlan Lad has breed incredibly well and has produced a solid base of sound structured ewes, with terrific muscling and overall evenness for the stud to base its breeding program on.

In 2010 I was awarded the Peter Olsens Fellowship for young farmers.  This allowed me to go to the UK on a 20 day whirlwind trip where I visited 30 stud properties, most of which had suffolks or some connection with the breed.  I was initually looking at importing genetics because of their impressive carcase traits, but was unable to do so because of importation regulations.  It did however inspire me to have a serious look at putting more muscle into my sheep.

With this in mind and a sound foundation of maternal ewes I have now been selecting rams for elite muscling and carcass traits.  This has been enabled with the use of stud sires from Broughton Lodge, Allendale and Burwood.  in January 2013 I went to Saskawin Suffolk Stud near York, WA, and purchased 1 mature ram and two ram lambs that have incredible muscling through the spine and hindquaters.  Lambs from these rams are due in July 2013.  

Between 2003 and 2006 rams where sold by private selection locally on Kangaroo Island, SA.  2007 was the first year that we had an on property sale on Curlew Valley, Cygnet River, Kangaroo Island, and this continued to grow and expand till 2011.  After significant 'mainland' interest in 2011 and an invitation to joing the annual Mt. Pleasant Suffolk Ram Sale, the sale was moved off the Island to the Mt. Pleasant Showgrounds.  2012 was a very successful sale for CVS with nearly all 'Kangaroo Island clients' maintaing their support at the new venue.  This new venue has given room to increase the sale size and also put a line of elite suffolk ewe hoggets in the auction.


I believe a ram is only as good as it’s weakest link, therefore a strong focus has been placed on only using the best genetics to produce rams that have excellent carcass traits, while being easy care and able to adapt to feed variations.


 Stratford Owain - Purcahsed in 2009 from Stratford at the Mount Pleasant Suffolk Sale